Terms and Conditions

1. Shipments
Your shipment will be registered into our system no longer than 24 hours time from the point of arrival at our facility. Customer is responsible for making sure their customer ID is included on the shipment's tracking label in the address. ShipsterUSA.com is not liable for any delay in shipment preparation due to a missing customer ID. Customers must place a support ticket to inquire about a shipment with no customer ID, ShipsterUSA.com's customer support staff will then verify the correct customer account and make the package available.

2. Shipment Storage
ShipsterUSA.com will store customer shipments for 6 months for free. After 6 months a $1.00 storage fee is assessed each day the package stays in our warehouse. All shipments that are deemed "prohibited" have a maximum storage time of 30 days before they are disposed.

3. Shipping Services
ShipsterUSA.com offers 4 shipping services to its customers. FedEx International Priority: 3-5 days delivery time FedEx International Economy: 4-8 days delivery time DHL Express: 3-5 days delivery time Aramex Economy: 6-10 days delivery time Once FedEx, DHL or Aramex picks up the customer's shipment, it is solely their responsibility at that point to handle and deliver the shipment.

4. Order Fulfillment
Customers should be sure they have received all shipments they are looking to have shipped before they place an order. Requesting shipments to be added to an order will result in an extra assessed fee to be added on to the net charge for the order. We strongly urge customers to double check that all orders they place are correct and final. Orders will be prepared and finished in no longer than 24 hours from the time that the order was placed. We do not ship "consolidated" orders to other freight forwarders. We only ship within the USA and other freight forwarders for returns or if your shipment is prohibited.

5. Pricing Invoice costs are made up of shipping costs, handling charges, storage fees, order preparation fees and extra services chosen by the customer such as fragile stickers, extra packaging material etc... Shipping rates are determined by dimensional weight (LXWXH/139) or actual weight. We will choose the greater value of the two and round up the nearest pound. ShipsterUSA.com's pricing is subject to change at any time.

6. Customs Fees
The customer is responsible for any and all customs duty and taxes charged by their country. Customs tax is not included in shipping costs. ShipsterUSA.com has no control of customs fees.

7. Order Insurance
ShipsterUSA.com will insure a customer's order for $2.00 per every $100.00 of assessed declared value. Insurance will only cover the amount declared for the carriage value, you will need to provide the cost of the goods in full to be fully covered under carrier insurance. If insurance is declined, ShipsterUSA.com is not liable or responsible for reimbursement for any lost or damaged shipments by the carrier. Claims must be made within 7 days of delivery. Insurance cannot be used on second hand or used goods.

8. Misuse
The misuse of a customer account is strictly prohibited by ShipsterUSA.com. Actions either fraudulent or hurtful towards ShipsterUSA.com will result in account suspension and/or termination. All content on ShipsterUSA.com is considered to be intellectual property, any copying or use without prior allowance by ShipsterUSA.com is strictly prohibited and will result in a civil action.

9. Authorization
By signing up with ShipsterUSA.com, you are a giving ShipsterUSA.com Limited Power of Attorney to act on your (the customer's) behalf within the confines of the law and prepare all necessary documents for shipping.

10. Contract
Both ShipsterUSA.com and the customer have the right to cancel this contract at any time and discontinue services.