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FAQ Questions

Fedex International Priority 3-6 days. Fedex International Economy 6-10 days. DHL Express 3-6 days Aramex Express 7-30 days
If you're shipping an item that takes up a lot of space but isn't very heavy, you may be charged for the item's dimensional weight instead of its actual weight. Light packages that take up a lot of room in a shipper's truck or airplane actually cost the company more to ship just the actual weight.
When your shipment arrives please allow up to 24 hours for your package to show up in your account. The number of incoming packages varies day to day, in most cases you will see your package in your account before the end of the day. We will inform all customers when we are expecting a back log due to holidays.

There is a list of items that are commonly prohibited for shipping around the world. Please refer to this list under “Prohibited Items” whenever you are unsure about an item's shipping eligibility. We strongly urge you not to send these items to us, it will delay your shipment. In addition to a delay, we will not cover return shipping costs on prohibited items.

Prohibited shipments can be returned to seller, but a $10 return fee will be assessed on top of the shipping cost. You should be sure to review our prohibited goods list before shipping. It will save you time and money.
The difference is the time it takes to receive your package. Express shipments generally get to the customer a few days faster.
No your address will be a real street address.
Absolutely! Premium memberships offer discounted options and cheaper shipping rates.
No. We have no control over customs fees.
At this moment we do not offer this service.
The final weight is determined by either the actual weight or the dimensional weight of the package and which ever happens to be a larger value. If the package is 4.75lbs it will be rounded up to 5lbs. This is standard for all shipping companies. The removal of items like shoe boxes and original packages will lower the dimensional weight.
This is the service fee for when our employees combine all packages into one smaller box for the customer.
ShipsterUSA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and e-Check, and we work with PayPal and


*ATTENTION: All shipments going to the continent of Africa require an extra price adjustment due to the zone's high cost of shipping. Please contact us for rates. For a full walk through on how to use ShipsterUSA in Arabic go here ShipsterUSA Walk through