About Us

Company Profile

ShipsterUSA is a package forwarding company looking to give overseas consumers much more than what is currently offered in the U.S. online shopping market. Our goal is to provide you with American commodities faster and in more cost efficient ways than the competition, while also providing new and exciting services that go hand in hand with what we do. We have the experience and the drive to provide you with the best online shopping experience you have ever had.

Who We Are

ShipsterUSA, LTD. was started in 2012, by three young men from Ohio. We all had been working in shipping and package forwarding for 10+ years combined. We grew tired of the same old routine. We wanted to create something of our own, something we could be proud of. We wanted to make a living and provide people with the skills we've gained in our time spent in the shipping industry. Our employees and the three of us have been around the block to say the least. If it can be shipped, we have shipped it. We are very precise at what we do. Consolidation is our geometric art and saving you money is our passion. We believe in growing our company the right way from the very beginning. Our customers will always be satisfied and our employees will always be taken care of.

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